CGA/GGA Joint Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Hunter
Gary Hansen has confirmed his attendance, but is unable to unmute. He can hear the audio.
If anyone is still awake after going over Chapter 3 you need help sleeping. My impression is that these maps show that there is no ground water in the northern western part of Glenn County. Yet we on the West side were told we had "ground water" these maps tell a different story. I will note that these maps are hard to read by color. The colors did not come trough on the maps. I will also note that the Northern Western portion of Glenn County is usually shown as no information. This might be the fact we have NO ground water out here. I will quote "Sustainable" is defined as "related to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is NOT depleted OR permanently damaged". At this current water year - with the very LOW amount of rain fall the depletion of the ground water. More Later.
Another note. You are showing the better recharge area would be the Stony Creek area. The non native plants are taking much of the ground water. Shound this be addressed.
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There are no wells as there is NO ground in the North Weastern Glenn County.
Regarding the Stream Interactions - does the bamboo and tameresk (sp?) have been figured into the stream interaction of Stony Creek. I'm seeing a lot of negative numbers as to stony creek.