Clear Lake BRC Socioeconomic Subcommittee - Shared screen with speaker view
Brandon Louie (he/him)
Feedback and ideas can be sent to Alyssa and our team at aanelson@ucdavis.edu
Peggy Harte (she/her)
For more information- https://education.ucdavis.edu/center-community-and-citizen-science
Angela D. Dow (she/hers) LCWRD
Thanks Alyssa. WRD has sent you some contacts, but we would love to have a zoom or call to talk more in depth about what we do already. Once the project is on the ground running :)
Alyssa Nelson, UCD CRC (she or they)
You're welcome, and thanks, Angela. I look forward to it.
Clare Cannon (she | her)
Thanks Angela! That would be fantastic
Amanda Martin
The Land Trust is very interested in CLEER, but we have the same blocker as CLERC with lack of capacity. It seems that this should be held by a LOCAL agency.
Angela D. Dow (she/hers) LCWRD
I agree it should be local. And CLERC's CLEER project was a small add-in to the rest of a large project that wasn't fully developed, if I recall.
Alyssa Nelson, UCD CRC (she or they)
Is the list on that slide in the March notes?
Alyssa Nelson, UCD CRC (she or they)
Thanks, Sam!
Michelle Scully
I like Eliot's idea.
Michelle Scully
Are there any on-going STEM projects in our schools right now?
Emma Belanger (she/her)
https://civicspark.lgc.org/ for more info on CivicSpark
Angela D. Dow (she/hers) LCWRD
Thanks EMMA! It's easy to support a program with great sparkies like Emma
Angela D. Dow (she/hers) LCWRD
The other option is to write in funds for local internships and scholarships for local learning / job training. However, I have talked to local teachers and professors and this is sometimes not at productive as we would like, for LOCAL student participation. there just isn't the interest (in past examples) but maybe now might be different. Just another idea.
Angela D. Dow (she/hers) LCWRD
County has capacity to manage a planning project for a environmental center project, we just don't have planning funds to put that together at his time. But it's been on our radar for something we have wanted to do in the Middle Creek Restoration area for several years.
Alyssa Nelson, UCD CRC (she or they)
And the timeline of course also depends on how much fire season disruptions might happen
Michelle Scully
I like that....it feels timely to me.
Emma Belanger (she/her)
I have to hop off for another meeting, but thank you all! Have a great rest of your day
Angela D. Dow (she/hers) LCWRD
don't forget WQ Wednesday July 6, 6pm Follow at County of Lake Facebook or YouTube!
Alyssa Nelson, UCD CRC (she or they)
You're welcome. Thanks, Wilda