Making Sense of an Election Like No Other - Shared screen with speaker view
Michele Vincent *she/her/they
Lora- remember to use the force gallery view in the participants panel
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
Hi Mike, we are recording it and will have it available after the presentation. Can you send me your email?
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
Please ask your questions using the Q&A feature. We will ask the speaker your questions at the end of the presentation.
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
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c w
There are people looking to disrupt democratic systems. What about them - how do we counteract that? Yes there will be racists and not-informed people, but this is an active group who want to plant conflict among Americans.
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
Hi, C W. Can you please post that question in the Q&A section of Zoom? You should see an option for it along the bottom of your screen.
Lora Hollingsworth (she/her)
Kim, do you want to come back on camera after Danielle to briefly intro the next panelist?
Lora Hollingsworth (she/her)
Hi Kimberly, yes, you can ask a question anonymously. When you start typing a question in the Q&A, a check box below appears that you can select to be anonymous.
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
Hi Kimberly, it will list the name that you have listed in zoom. I would recommend changing your name to anonymous before submitting a question if you would like to not have your name ascribed to the question. To do this, click on the participants option located at the bottom of your screen. If you hover over your name, you should get an option for 'More'. Click on that and then select "Rename". Let me know if that doesn't work or if you have other questions.
ASL Interpreter
You can change your view to gallery and see the ASL interpreter
Lora Hollingsworth (she/her)
I have force gallery view on, and I am watching as an attendee on another computer, and am able to see the interpreter.
Lora Hollingsworth (she/her)
Thanks for sending that message to attendees!
Michele Vincent *she/her/they
Lora- can we touch base sometime in the next few weeks, before the next lecture!? I have to leave now, but this was awesome, THANK YOU! :)
Lora Hollingsworth (she/her)
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
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Ellen Burmester
no questions, but a big thanks for your hour of insights. I was impressed with your presentations
Erica Kobbe (Sac State Moderator)
Thank you again for joining us and a special thank you to our panelists for a great presentation.We hope you’ll join us for our upcoming events. Register today for our upcoming event“Implicit Bias: Ending Systemic Racism One Decision-Maker at a Time” on Nov. 17 at 1:00 pm. https://csus.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_nXwVpI0wRCeNNqplnC2DGgJoin the Friends of the Sacramento State Library:https://library.csus.edu/sites/default/files/inline-files/JoinTheFriendsOfTheLibrary.pdf
Karen Benson
Outstanding program today. I’m grateful to all of you! I agree with Bill Dorman. Just wonderful!!
Deanne Repetto
Thank you for your time and the valuable information!