Charles Martell Author Lecture Series: Jennifer Laam - Shared screen with speaker view
Lora Hollingsworth
Learn more about Jennifer Laam and where to buy her books: https://www.jenniferlaam.com/ or https://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Laam/e/B00EAANSSW
Amanda Jessop
I love history !! I love the stories of the Tsarz
Lora Hollingsworth
As a reminder, we are recording the presentation and we will share a link to the recording via email.
Lora Hollingsworth
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Linda Goff
You seem to attribute the downfall of the Romanovs to Rasputin and Alexandra’s reliance on him. Do you think the revolution would have happened without him?
Lisa Woodard Mink
HI Linda, will you please put this question in the Q&A?
Lora Hollingsworth
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Lora Hollingsworth
Learn more about Jennifer Laam and where to buy her books: https://www.jenniferlaam.com/
Amber Morley
Woooooo! Yay Jennifer!
Amanda Jessop
I haven't seen the spelling of the name this way before, how did you know you had gotten the correct spelling through research? Or is there an underlying reason for the multiple different spellings ?
Amanda Jessop
are there any non fiction books on the relationships the daughters had with the soldiers?
Teresa Sewell
I saw you in Elk Grove a few years ago with OLlI-UOP. It was a pleasure to see you again! I’ll look forward to seeing your next book.Go Tigers!
Lora Hollingsworth
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