Development of an Integrated Surface-to-Groundwater Model in Los Angeles - Shared screen with speaker view
Abdul Haikal
Thanks for presenting this interesting study. Did the study look at stormwater infiltrating through the vadose zone? Or was it assumed that all stormwater is making it to groundwater?
Anthony Nercessian
Could you clarify on SCMs and public land use? What would be defined as public land use?
OWP Seminar
It looks like Gina Natoli has a question.
Lee Alexanderson
This is such a great effort! Once you get to the coupling process, it would be great to have a way to couple WMMS 2.0 as well. LA County (and the cities within it) largely use WMMS for everything and anything stormwater quality. LA County just released WMMS 2.0 which was a welcome update after 10 years and it will likely be used for just as long.
Terri Hogue
thank you all for your feedback and time today!
Jill Weinberger
Thank you everyone. This is great work.
Nasrin Alamdari
Thank you all and appreciate your time.